User course Systems – IT Subcontractor

User course Systems – IT Subcontractor

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This course explains the process of adding specific discipline information to a work package. In Systems-IT we call the subcontractor who performs this role a WP Code user. In the documentation, all actions from the work preparation process, which are important for these users, are explained step by step.

Who should follow this course?
Disciplined subcontractors and work planners who are often invited to comment on- or supplement work packages of (other) work planners.

The following subjects are discussed during this training:

  • Structure of Systems-IT
  • Selecting and using Scopes
  • Required resources
  • Adding estimations, duration and crew
  • Using the Plancard
  • Materials
  • WP Code Progress
  • Relevant reports

General information:

  • Available Languages: Dutch
  • Average Study Time: 15 hours*
  • Costs: $400 USD per course per student

*These times are on average and indicative. The actual required study time depends on field and computer experience.