User course Scope – IT

User course Scope – IT

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In the user course Scope-IT, students learn all aspects of Scope-IT, you will create Scopes and you will learn what it takes to fill a Scope as completely as possible so that it is ready for export to Systems-IT.

Who should follow this course?
The course is mainly for persons who are responsible for reporting the scope (turnaround: activities) and persons who are responsible for scope challenge and determination.

The following subjects are discussed during this training:

  • Exploring the scope and exporting it to Systems IT
  • Getting started in a new scope request
  • Budget estimation
  • Risk and safety aspects
  • Scope controls (all important scope overviews)
  • Add attachments and P&IDs
  • Parent and child scopes
  • Freezing decisions and scopes
  • Compiling Scopes (Merging)
  • Export and reports
  • User course Systems – IT Quality Control & Handover
General information:
  • Available Languages: Dutch/ English
  • Average Study Time: 15 to 20 hours*
  • Costs: $800.00 USD per course per student.

*These times are average and indicative. The actual required study time depends on field and computer experience.