User course Schedule – IT

User course Schedule – IT

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In this course the correct workflow within the Schedule-IT program is discussed. All functionalities are explained with examples from the daily practice, and do's and don'ts regarding this tool are also covered.

Who should follow this course?
Workers who are responsible for planning resources needed during maintenance projects.

The following subjects are discussed during this training:

  • Schedule-IT Basics
  • The interface
  • Important settings
  • The checklist scheduler
  • Scheduling
  • Synchronizing durations
  • Extra functionalities
  • The daily workflow
  • Pitfalls (what to watch out for)

General information:

  • Available Languages: English
  • Average Study Time: 15 to 20 hours*
  • Costs: $850 USD per course per student 

*These times are on average and indicative. The actual required study time depends on field and computer experience.