User course Blind – IT Maintenance

User course Blind – IT Maintenance

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The Blind-IT maintenance course teaches you how to get the most out of the Blind-IT module from the perspective of the maintenance department, where you are assisting the Operations department in securing the plant. From mapping out the necessary materials, scaffolding and insulation to monitor the execution via the wallpaper viewer.

Who should follow this course?
Maintenance workers who are responsible for preparing blindlists in regards to materials and disciplines and/or who want to learn about the securing process in preparation for work execution.

The following subjects are discussed during this training:

  • The basic principles
  • Template blindpoints
  • Adding Materials
  • Release & progress
  • Reports & KPI

General information:

  • Available Languages: Dutch / English
  • Average Study Time: 10 to 15 hours*
  • Costs: $550 USD per course per student
*These times are on average and indicative. The actual required study time depends on field and computer experience.