Admin course Systems – IT Quality Control and Handover

Admin course Systems – IT Quality Control and Handover

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In the admin module Systems-IT Quality Control & Handover, students learn to set up the Quality control and Handover modules so quality checklists, documents and punch items can be followed up by inspection and commissioning.

Who should follow this course?
For users responsible for maintaining Systems-IT, primarily the users responsible for inspection and commissioning.

The following topics are discussed during this training:

  • Linking general quality checklists and documents to equipment or system
  • Creating groups responsible for quality checklists and documents
  • Creating handover group
  • Setting up punch items

Required certificates to start training:

  • Admin course basics
  • User course Systems-IT quality control and handover

General information:

  • Available Languages: English
  • Average Study Time: 5-10 hours*
  • Costs: $400 USD per training per student.

*These times are average and indicative. The actual required study time depends on field and computer experience.